Final Event of the Project

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Final Event of the Project

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The Final Event of the Project, organized by the Civil Protection Department of the Region of Epirus, was held successfully on the 27th of October 2021, in Ioannina, at the premises of the Region of Epirus Event Hall, at the center of Ioannina City, 28-30 N. Zerva, str., (Stoa Sarka), Building A, Regional Development Fund of Epirus, 2nd Floor.

During the implementation of the Final Event all the necessary measures were enacted to contain COVID-19. The Event was also held virtually through Zoom Platform for those that could not attend physically and was also live broadcasted on the YouTube channel of the ERMIS Project.

The Final Event aimed at summarizing the activities that have been held throughout the Project, allowing each Partner to present the implementation of the deliverables during the period of the ERMIS Project. The Partners, namely, Region of Epirus and University of Ioannina from the Greek side & Apulia Region – Civil Protection Section and University of Bari from the Italian side presented the milestones, outputs and the results of a successfully implemented Project.

During the Final Event, through the presentations of the Partnership, the attendees were informed on subjects such as the Interreg VA Greece-Italy 2014-2020 Programme, the ERMIS Project activities that each Partner has completed, and the Training Event, which was held in Preveza, Greece on the 16th & 17th of October 2021, through a video presentation accompanied with the narration from the Region of Epirus Experts.

The Event was completed at noon, in the presence of more than 50 participants, where coffee, soft drinks and all sorts of finger-food was served.

The Final Event was the last activity held throughout the Project activities on behalf of the Partnership and is considered as a milestone for the successful implementation of the ERMIS Project.

Author: superadmin
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